Blue Falcon by TC Winters, Book Review

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My Thoughts~
Below you will find all the details about the book and the author, but I wanted to share my thoughts about this story up near the top this time!

Simply put...I loved this book!  Yes, there were some predictable parts, but I love that just when I would think well clearly it is ____ TC added some detail to throw us off the scent.  Additionally, the ending I expected to see one of the characters in that scenario because I thought they were complicit in the whole book, but I was NOT expecting the allies. *Yes, vague but I really don't like reviews with spoilers!*

Additionally, I enjoyed that this was a romantic read full of suspense that covered some very important topics that our veterans and their loved ones face.  Re-integrating back into the everyday life, and with injuries, is something I cannot even imagine, but if we watch the news we see that there are veterans out there in need of assistance and hopefully this story can shed a bit more awareness of that struggle.  TC shares Grace struggle and the network of veterans who want to help her.  I loved the scenes where the military members all banded around her.  This story showed many kind of relationships and group dynamics through very strong and personable characters.  Hope is absolutely adorable and many times stole the show (in my opinion).  What a brave and hilarious little girl.  Joy is the mother and mother-in-law that everyone dreams of...her love for her family is absolute.  Certain scenes I was blown away by her character and strength of will.  While, I enjoyed how his character developed, I was not a big fan of Jared.

Ruffles..I can't even..I just smile when I read about the name. I think Grace is one of the strongest female characters I have read about in a long time.  Many times my heart ached for her, other times I cheered for her and also laughed with her antics and humor.  Many times I was struck by her ingenuity and really wonder if Tootsie rolls and black pepper can fill those roles.  If you know..please tell me!  LAst thing that I have to discuss is that gorgeous cover.  Fitting for the title, the background of the book and just lovely.

If you like action, humor, romance, suspense, government type books I would recommend you read this.  If that is not your genre, I still would recommend trying this out and you may be surprised because it really is an enjoyable and fast read!


Devastated by her combat experiences, Marine Grace Garcia is unable to adjust to civilian life until a wayward postcard sends her on a mission that places her in the path of Jared Cooper, the new Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix ATF.

With a new job and a new daughter, Jared has no interest in a new relationship, but when seemingly unrelated events result in a dangerous threat to their lives, he offers Grace refuge. When witnesses and suspects die before they can talk, Jared becomes convinced the threats are originating close to home, but the perpetrator is always one step ahead as he searches for answers.

As the stakes get higher, can Grace once again embrace her warrior past?

Caught in a nest of deception, can Jared unravel the lies to find the truth before another life slips away?

The truth lies in uncovering the elusive Blue Falcon.



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Tia owned a small business in the real estate industry for decades before deciding a change was required to preserve her sense of humor. She joined the Indiana chapter of the Romance Writers of America and the Speed City Sisters in Crime where she spent years studying the writing craft, specializing in humor and suspense.

She and her husband are residents of central Indiana where they enjoy volunteering for the various sporting events held in Indianapolis. Tia is an NFL, NBA, and WNBA fan, spending many unrecoverable hours tailgating. Other talents include cooking and entertaining.

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Disclaimer~ I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

    1. Of course! I enjoyed this book greatly and can't wait to see what other stories you have in store for us:)


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