For the First Time by Nina Levine, et al. ~ Cover Reveal

I don't do a lot of cover reveals, but I did this time because I am loving everything I have read from Nina Levine!  I was introduced to her work via an ad on FAcebook (hey apparently they work) and quickly read every book in her Storm MC series...loveeeee it.  I will post the links to my reviews for that series below.

This book is an anthology with stories from a slew of best-selling authors.  The cover is lovely and the book is available on January 12, 2016.  NL posted that her work introduces us to a new couple from a standalone book.  So, while not bikers I still can't wait to see who they are, how they work together and the drama that is sure to ensue!

Quite a lovely cover and can we just talk about the price?  That is a steal of a deal for that many authors and stories!  I have not read anything by the other authors...have you?

My reviews from the Storm MC series~ 
Storm (Storm MC #1) here, Fierce (Storm MC #2) here, Blaze (Storm MC #2.1) here, Roxie (Storm MC #2.2) here, Revive (Storm MC #3) here, Slay (Storm MC #4) here, Sassy Christmas (Storm MC #4.5) here, and Illusive (Storm MC #5) here.  SOOOO good

Until my next y'all!!