Winter Wishes by Karina Halle, Book Review

General Information
Genre~ Romance, Sports, Christmas
Published~ December 22nd 2015

Book Summary (Per Goodreads)
Lachlan McGregor and Kayla Moore have fought hard for their happily ever after, so one would think their first Christmas together would be a piece of sugarplum cake. 

But even though the city of Edinburgh is absolutely magical during the holiday season and the sizzling duo has enough steam between them to make snow melt, Christmas often brings its own share of troubles. 

Kayla misses her mother and San Francisco while trying to adapt to life in Scotland, Lachlan struggles to stay on top of his ever-present demons (which pack more punch during the holidays) and his older brother Brigs is facing difficult memories of his own. 

One thing is for sure though - this will be a Christmas they'll never forget.

My Thoughts
I love this couple!  The more I learn about them, the more I feel that they compliment each other so well.  This story picks up right at the end of The Play, but before the epilogue of their story so we see how they are doing with the surprise move back, the grief over the mom, the sobriety, etc.   I find them to be ridiculously adorable, which is funny because that is not how they are really written (aka sexy).

I don't know if it was meant to be this way, but I saw the grandfather as the family's person Ebeneezer!!  I loved the support that K & L received from the parents and brother.  More importantly I loved the side of Briggs we saw in this book.  After The Play I really didn't want to read the first two books that talk about Kayla's friends and the other two McGregors, but after this book I do want to read about Briggs! (I didn't want to read them because of the general way Kayla was treated by friends...not due to writing or anything like that...aka I didn't like their characters).

My two favorite parts of this story (Beyond the entire supportive, cute and funny dynamic between K & L) is the upfront truth L gives his grandfather and the cute little hideaway we find with Briggs!  Well written, sweet, funny and still steamy I adored this story and all of the characters!  This is a short story, so while good I do wish it was a bit longer!  Maybe we will get another short with wedding details or see more of them in Briggs story:)

Important Links
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Amazon (It says only available to purchase until January 1, but I bought it two days ago (1/6/2016) and when I checked today it is still available!  I don't know for how long though)
Barnes & Noble
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