Happy 90th Paw Paw!!!

No reviews this weekend, but for such a great reason...my family came together yesterday to celebrate my Paw Paw's 90th birthday!!  You would never think he is 90, but he is!  Everyday he still does his exercises from his military days, is always there for his children, grand-children, great-grand children and friends.  It was great being able to celebrate him:)
If you look at the picture in the corner of the banner..that is Paw Paw at age 14..how cute!!
 My Paw-Paw and me:)
 Paw Paw served in World War II and this picture on his cake is one of our favorites!  It has always been up in his living room:)
 Paw Paw and Marie..one of the sweetest and funny women I have met.  I love their relationship and that she could be there to celebrate Paw-Paw's 90th!
 Paw-Paw and my mom!  She is his first-born:)  They are so precious..yes I clearly got my height from my dad! 
 Paw Paw and his four children!

So, like I said no reviews for the weekend, but I had a great time talking and spending time with family celebrating a great father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, great-uncle, friend and veteran...my Paw Paw! I love you Paw Paw!!!

Until my next post..love y'all!!