The End Game (A Brit in the FBI #3) by Catherine Coulter & J.T. Ellison, Book Review

General Information
Genre~ Thriller, Suspense, Romance
Publisher~ G.P. Putnam's Sons
Published~ September 15, 2015

Book Summary (Per Goodreads)
FBI agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner, Mike Caine, are deep into an investigation of COE—Celebrants of the Earth—a violent group known for widespread bombings of power grids and oil refineries across the country. While investigating a tip from a civilian who’s overheard about a possible bombing plot, the Bayway Refinery in New Jersey explodes. Nicholas and Mike race to the scene and barely escape being killed by a secondary device.

Returning to the civilian’s home to continue their interrogation, they discover the tipster—and the FBI team left to guard him—dead. While Nicholas calls in the assassinations, COE strikes again, this time launching a cyber-attack on several major oil companies and draining their financial and intellectual assets.

But COE has been infiltrated by a deep-cover counterterrorism agent named Vanessa Grace. A bomb-making expert, Vanessa must leave COE and join forces with Nicholas and Mike to stop the organization’s devious plan to assassinate the President. But there’s an assassin on the loose who could tip the scales in COE’s favor, and no one knows his ultimate target, or who has contracted his services.

Working with the CIA, the Secret Service, Mossad, MI-5, and even Savich and Sherlock, Nicholas and his team put their lives on the line to prevent another conflagration—and save the President.

My Thoughts
Fun and action packed adventure with my FBI favorites!  CC and JTE wrote another story that I could not stop reading.  I love the writing style, the characters and the dialogue between all the characters.

One of my favorite series is CC's FBI series and the characters Savich and Sherlock.  Any time Sherlock arrives I know I am in for some good dry humor. They show up for a few of the scenes in this story, but Mike and Nicholas are the stars.  Their banter with each other and their colleagues is so fun and comes to life for me.  As I read it I can visualize them in my head just ribbing each other.  The trust that CC and JTE created between them is vital to the success of their cases and this series.  I love that in each book their relationship has been evolving.  It was not super fast and this makes it so enjoyable and real.

Another thing that I have enjoyed reading the FBI series and now the Brit in the FBI series is the introduction to so many varied characters.  We see some of them return and some we don't.  This book introduced an undercover agent that I really really really hope to see more of in the series.  The undercover agent was very personable and had some interesting skill sets.  I don't know how or who this agent would work well with, but I think it would be great to see especially since this agent is not FBI!

I wondered what CC and JTE were going to do since the stories were showing Mike and Nicholas going more and more off book and not really getting in that much trouble.  This book really showcased that since it highlighted hacking skills, not wearing appropriate attire, speaking their minds, attacking the secret service and more!  I already was a CC fan and I do believe that the writing styles and creativity that CC and JTE bring to this series is going to make this another favorite series for me!

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