Barksdale Organics~ Part 1, Review

Luxurious.  Pampered.  Special.

All words that came to mind when I opened up my swag bag from blogging about the GFAF Wellness Event a few weeks ago.  I have discussed in previous posts how generous I thought the vendors, presenters, Nikki and others were.  One such vendor, who was extremely generous, was Barksdale Organics.  They gave a vast array of samples to try out from their line.  Let me tell you how excited I was when I saw the bag from them!  I pretty much squealed with joy.

I have sensitive skin and currently am on a quest to find some skin care products that I enjoy, that smell great, but that most importantly work on my skin. Work on my skin..what do I mean?  I mean clean it, help remove toxins, work on skin aging concerns and (this is huge) does not cause me to have rashes, turn red, have hives, etc.  Yes, you guessed I am that lucky gal that has reacted to many brands out there due to chemicals or fillers or some lovely item in it.  Hence, me starting the quest for a natural or organic skin care regimen!

Barksdale Organics carries a "full line of Homeopathic Skin Care Products manufactured from Earth's Natural Salts, Minerals, Muds and Cold Pressed Nut and Plant Extracts from Morocco, Ukraine, Nepal, Tibet, Jordan and Israel."  I enjoyed their website because, while some of it is still under construction as it says "coming soon", it still was very user friendly, appealing, soothing to the eye and because of the company goal to "use only natural homeopathic ingredients." One last detail for this Part 1 post is that they keep the inventory in Laurens, South Carolina USA.  I loved seeing that it was so close!

Not only did I squeal because of the samples and the variety within the samples, but also because they have products for DOGS!!!  Yes, my furbabies will get to try out some products as well.  I already applaud this company for thinking of the animals and their needs.  I love pampering my little chi's and anytime I can improve their health or give them a little TLC I am ready and happy!  We just went to the puppy spa a few days ago, but when I post again on Barksdale Organic be ready to hear about the puppy products as well!!

If you notice above, the title states Part 1.  In this post I wanted to share about the company, that I am going to be using the samples and tell you a bit about 1)why I am so excited to try them out 2)share what I will be trying.  After I have tried the samples for a while I will post a Part 2 where I discuss my thoughts and reviews on them!  I can already tell you that they smell AMAZING.  There are even products here that I usually do not enjoy certain smells and these smell great! Seriously, I checked the name several times, called my mom and asked her if I normally like that smell, etc.  Mind blown! But I digress.

Here the items I will be using:

  • Hair Conditioner with Sea Buckthorn
  • Obliphica Shower Gel
  • "Leave on" Argan Hair Cream
  • 100% Dead Sea Salt
  • Dead Sea Mud Mask
  • Exfoliating Gel with Vanilla & Patchouli 
  • Rose Body Butter (loving how this smells!)
  • Musk Body Butter

The items my little ladies, and my parents little man, will be trying: (seriously makes me so happy)

  • Moisture Rich Shower Cream with Obliphica for Dogs
  • Hair Conditioner with Obliphica for Dogs
Have you tried this brand?  What were your thoughts?  Favorite items?  What other brands if any would you recommend that I try next? Thanks!!

*Picture is from here *Logo picture is from here * Puppy picture is my little furbabies!!