Touching Base


I just wanted to leave  quick message regarding my lack of posts the last little bit.  I have been helping my dad out: taking him to doctors and the  last few days been with him at the hospital so I have not been on the internet much.  (He is healing nicely and coming home soon!)  While sitting with him and helping when I could I have read quite a few books that I need to review and finished some items that were gluten free to share with y'all as well!
Thank y'all for checking back to my page to see if I have shared anything, the kind emails asking if everything was okay and the tweets and messages sharing your new finds! It has meant a lot to see the caring, compassion and friendship that has been extended to my family and me. Above is a picture of two of my little girls.  I routinely take pictures and send them to friends, family and my IG account so I hope they bring a smile to your face today!

Hope to share and/or post more later today or this weekend:)