How I Find Books to Review

I love reading and recently I am loving this ability to review books and interact with other reading or writing enthusiasts.  One of the main questions I get is how do you buy/find/get/receive so many books?!?!

Well never fear my friends I am going to share what I have learned along the way and then end by asking for a suggestion because I also am still growing and learning as a blogger/reviewer:)

Library- Tangible books and ebooks
Book stores- This is not the main way anymore as I am sticking to my budget!
Friends- I am blessed with friends who read all genres, are in book clubs and think of me when they are finished! So many great finds:)

Many Indie or Self-published authors post that they are looking for reviewers on their websites, facebook, etc.  I have contacted them via that route and occasionally received a book, several books or books and swag.  All they ask is that you read it and review it in a timely fashion.  I post those reviews, as I do all reviews, on my blog (sharing via Instagram and Twitter), Goodreads and Amazon. I also let the authors know if they want me to post my review elsewhere to just let me know and I will.  This also helps me find more literary sources:)

Blogging for Books
First to Read
Book Blogs

Still need to learn
I would LOVE to receive an ARC or be asked to review a book for my favorite authors...Kristen Ashley, JD Robb, Iris Johansen, Janet Evanovich, Nicholas Sparks and Catherine Coulter..I am looking at y'all!! However, I am not quite sure how to get on their lists or their publishing company list.  I have found and have enjoyed many new authors via the sites above, but I never see the big names such as I mentioned on their sites.  So if you have suggestions please let me know!

Where do you find books to review?

Until my next y'all!