The Forgiveness Project by Marina Cantacuzino, Book Review

General Information
Genre: Collection of Personal Stories
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Published: March 26, 2015

Book Summary (per Goodreads)
Thought-provoking and powerful real life stories from survivors and perpetrators of crime and violence around the world are collected here from a diverse range of situations. They raise the possibility of alternatives to resentment, retaliation and revenge, with each story showing the very real impact of forgiveness within a particular context.

My Thoughts
A very moving, thought provoking and difficult read.  Difficult in that the stories were very open and showed the pain that many must have felt on their road of dealing with/potentially recovering from some event.  Thought provoking in it really delved into the word "forgiveness" and what it means today.  It really left me thinking about the strength of words, the power of people's heart, mind and emotions and the difference that each of us feel in a variety of situations.  This book does not show everyone responding with forgiveness and in some stories it seemed like the person wanted to forgive but just was not there.  What I enjoyed about the introduction was that MC really discussed how the stories are to be shared, not used to make people feel they must forgive or not must not forgive.  

The introduction provides background of the author and how MC came to delve into this project. Frankly that was one of the more fascinating parts of the book for me because it shows the depth and breadth of her interest in the subject and respect for the feelings and people. The idea of this charity and the work behind it is fascinating and could create an interesting dialogue for many different communities and potential outreach training.

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Disclaimer~ I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts are my own.