Barksdale Organic~ Part 2~ Thoughts and Review

Happy Monday lovelies!  I hope y'all had a great weekend...I had an interesting one for sure..which I will get to in the next post:)~

However, this post is to wrap up my thoughts and experiences with the products I received to review from Barksdale Organics.  I wrote about which products I received, initial thoughts, etc. here.  If you will remember this is a company located in South Carolina that I was introduced to at the Gluten and Allergen Free Wellness Event in Charlotte, NC.  I received an amazing and diverse amount of products that I could not wait to use!  Overall, I stand by initial thoughts of luxurious and pampered.

Again, here are the items I received~(I am going to put notes after each product and then discuss entirety at the end)
  • Hair Conditioner with Sea Buckthorn (smells great, nice product...not too effective for my coarse curly hair.  It did turn me into a fan of the smell and seeker of products with sea buckthorn)
  • Obliphica Shower Gel (amazing smell, doesn't irritate my skin, left it feeling clean with no residue..will repurchase!)
  • "Leave on" Argan Hair Cream (love love love..seriously tied with my favorite product.  My hair has been smoother, less frizzy and more manageable even in this humid summer weather!)
  • 100% Dead Sea Salt (so fun!  I had never used this, but I enjoyed feeling like I was in a spa in my own house..great for diy home spa nights)
  • Dead Sea Mud Mask (great results!   not the prettiest of masks, but easy to use and did not irritate or harm my sensitive skin)
  • Exfoliating Gel with Vanilla & Patchouli (this was an okay product, but it was not for me.  If you like exfoliating gels or just gels I would give this a try though.  The smell (even for someone like me who doesn't like the smell of patchouli) was amazing.
  • Rose Body Butter (loving how this smells!) (you guessed it..this is my tied for favorite product item!!  It smelled sublime and left my skin soft and not greasy.  I did not turn red, break out or have any issues with it.)
  • Musk Body Butter (again fantastic smell..not overwhelming at all.  Great results for creating or helping with soft skin and non greasy after effects.)

The items my little ladies, and my parents little man,tried (seriously makes me so happy)
     As we all know I already was thrilled just because the company thought about our furbabies.  However, the smell and outcome of these two products made me even happier!  I enjoyed pampering my babies at home, the cleanliness of their fur and the great smell when I got my hugs and snuggles after they were dried from their showers!
  •      Moisture Rich Shower Cream with Obliphica for Dogs
  •      Hair Conditioner with Obliphica for Dogs

Final Thoughts:
My one ehhh about the products is the packaging.  I know that sounds superficial, but when I am going for my lotion, hair products, face products, etc. I obviously see the packaging.  And in a world today where so many companies have luxurious or interesting packaging to grab the consumers attention and make us feel that we are in for a real treat I found the packing a bit lackluster.  Other than the packaging though I feel that this is a company that those looking to foray into more natural or organic skin care and beauty products should check out!. I will and would repurchase many of the items I was fortunate enough to sample.  I think their price point and the product, especially with those ingredients, is a great find.  I was pleased when I started writing my final thoughts to see that their website has had more work done, offers more products and is even more user friendly than before.  Finally, in case my notes above didn't showcase this enough I adored the scents and ability to put on lotions and products without my skin being irritated!!  Thank you again to Barksdale Organic for providing such lovely products for us bloggers to try out:)

*You can reach their website by clicking on their name throughout the review or right here